Come As You Are...
Four Seasons of Exploration, Restoration and Development for Coaches

Come As You Are is a supervision-based experience that has evolved through my own practice as a supervisor, guided simply by creating the conditions for you to bring and take just what you need from our time together.

The key elements are a beautiful environment, a relaxed pace and a sense of ease that allow for gentle reflection, rigorous discussion and often surprising insights.

As a coach, I like to have choices in how, where, when and with whom I enjoy my supervision and development. I appreciate the flexibility to access what I need, when I need it, and for it to be something I look forward to – ‘time out’ for me that will leave me feeling stimulated, resourced and restored.

Come As You Are  makes these choices available to you and you can choose from the following options:


Open Group Morning Sessions 

Full day Group ‘Seasonal Specials’ 

One-to-One Coach Supervision

Open Group Morning Sessions

What? A supervision-based experience designed to help you explore your work, develop your skills and restore your energy and equilibrium. You have the option to continue your conversations independently over lunch if you wish. After each session, you will receive a certificate confirming your attendance for your CPD records.


Where? At The Leander Club in the centre of Henley on Thames (


When?   Six times during the year on the last Wednesday morning of January, March, May, July, September and November.

How much? £65 + VAT per person, per session

Full day ‘Seasonal Specials’ 
What? Informal check-in over refreshments, followed by a 2-hour indoor supervision-based session, conversations over a seasonal lunch or a picnic, and an afternoon in nature, using the beautiful environment at our venue to support our reflection, restoration and learning. After each session, you will receive a certificate confirming your attendance for your CPD records.


Where? In the Henley on Thames / Reading area


When? Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter, on the first Wednesday of April, June, October & December


How much? £135 + VAT per person, per session – pay on the day for any refreshments / lunch you choose to order. On picnic days, bring your own.

All Come As You Are groups are ‘open’ so chances are you will work with at least some new, like-minded coaches each time you come, allowing you to draw upon a rich mix of experience and relationships. Groups will be a maximum of eight; sometimes there may be only three of four: whatever the number, you will know in advance, I’ll be there and the cost to you is fixed.


Already in a group? 

If you are part of an established supervision group, or you would like to gather a group of coaches you know for a Come As You Are  morning or seasonal session just for you, let’s talk.


One-to-One Coach Supervision 

What? The package is for 2 x sessions of 90 minutes each. After each session, you will receive a certificate confirming your supervision for your CPD records.


Where? There is the option to meet or to conduct the session via phone or Skype.  We can meet at The Leander Club in the centre of Henley on Thames (, or I will travel up to 15 miles each way to meet you at a venue of your choice.


When? I understand that one-to-one supervision is something that you may want to access flexibly. Planning ahead might work at times; other times, you might need it quickly to explore a situation that can’t wait. Both options are there for you.


How much? £380+ VAT for a 2-session package


I also work with companies who offer supervision to their in-house coaches. We can discuss options based on what's needed.


What's Right For YOU?

You may choose to dip in and out of these Come As You Are options ; you might want to combine them with your other supervision arrangements; or you could meet your entire professional practice requirements by booking several.


If you would like to have a chat about whether Come As You Are  is for you, simply go to the ‘Contact’ page and we’ll take it from there.