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Making Waves brings the Sea Change experience to you


Friday 2nd October 2020 9.30 - 16.30

Join us from home. Take yourself off to a place you love. Alone, or with company. It’s up to you. Make a day of it.


This is a day in three parts: Re-Think, Re-Set and Re-Boot

Prepare to be inspired by each other, and by three women who will prick up your ears; challenge your habits; nudge your brain and your body to be on your side as you translate your ideas into plans, and your plans into reality.

You’ll take part in discussions and practical exercises, some on your own and some in small groups, picking up tools that will serve you well beyond our day together.

Oh… and we’ll ask you to bring a picnic and take a walk.


We can get used to thinking in the ways we have always thought. When did you last have a chance to REALLY think for yourself, in your own time, in the best way you can? Do you dare?

NANCY KLINE has devoted her life’s work to daring us to think in this way. Her books and her presence have generated bold thinking in individuals, organisations and governments the world over. I wonder where your thinking will take you?



It’s surprising what such thinking can reveal. 


JOAN ANDERSON’s book (now also a film), ‘A Year by the Sea’, gives voice to many a woman’s unspoken truth. A world-renowned author,  Joan is a straight talker who never shies away from expressing those inklings that women all too often edit out of themselves. Joan will join us LIVE in conversation from her Cape Cod home. And what a conversation it will be.


SARA DAVENPORT wants us all to be as healthy as we can be in mind and body, and to have the knowledge to be so. She is founder of a national breast cancer charity and has published seven books full of accessible, reliable information that equip each of us to understand our brains, our bodies and what they need from us, day to day. Sara will join us LIVE, reminding us of how much our bodies can guide us through change, if only we take the time to listen. 


Via Zoom - a secure link will be sent a week before the event



£85  for previous Sea Change attendees

Payment by BACS with booking 

Interested? Then get in touch below to receive more details

Making Waves has emerged from a conversation between Ann, the founder of Sea Change and Jane, a colleague and experienced Sea Changer. 

“Relaxing into and allowing myself to be ‘me’ has been a new have facilitated a change in me ... and I’m on a voyage of discovery.”

Sea Changer, 2019

We will contact you shortly.

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Jane Daly, Founder and Chief Insight Officer of PeopleStar & People Who Know.


Jane is a digital entrepreneur, author and worklife balance Advocate. Her work is grounded in evidence and providing proof of value and impact. She has a proven track record in commercially adapting organisational culture and worklives whilst accelerating growth, transformation, productivity and profitability, but by also adapting and balancing purpose and wellbeing. Jane’s current work includes publishing thought-leadership, board and executive consulting, coaching, wellbeing and crafting and analysing cultural organisational development transformation strategies.


PeopleStar is Jane’s private evidence-informed Coaching and Consulting practice and People Who Know is the premier online marketplace and network for worklife services.


Jane’s research is regularly published and referenced because she combines both her empirical research with vast real-life experiences of what sustainably sticks in practice. She has held numerous corporate roles including Global Head of Learning and OD at M&S and Chief Insight Officer at Towards Maturity, the leading evidence-based researcher and analyst services for the Learning and OD profession.


Today, she continues to stretch and support people, organisations, business providers, professional bodies, academics and entrepreneurs across the globe to increase human flourishing.

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